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FIC: All Work and No Play I *Dreamland AU* (Giles/Wes/Xander, FRM)

Title: All Work and No Play I
Series: Dreamland AU
Author: soft_princess
Website: Fly With Me
Date: July 5, 2007
Word count: 744

Pairing: Giles/Wesley/Xander
Rating: FRM
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Joss does.
slash_100 prompt: 082 – Work
Summary: It was a miracle they'd survived this time last year when Xander hadn't been around to feed them.

Notes: follows Red Zone by a few weeks.
Thanks to mireille719 and lostgirlslair for the beta.

Written for summer_of_giles. Part II and Part III of this Dreamland story arc will be posted next.


Xander grabbed Wesley's shirt in his fist and pulled him back down into his chair. "Eat."

"But this is a very valuable volume, I have--"

"Dawn will take care of it. You eat." Xander seriously hated the holidays. He had one lover stuck at work from seven in the morning until eleven at night every day during finals--it was the only way Rupert could get any work done, and he also had office hours up the wazoo to help the students understand the assignments and finish their essays--and the other was so busy he had to hire Dawn to help him around the shop. Xander had to bring both of them their food, otherwise, they just forgot.

"Xander--" Wesley tried to get up again, but Xander pushed him back down forcefully and went to close the door, shutting the blinds that let them see into the store.

He turned to Wesley, ignoring the shocked look on his face, and pushed the take-out container toward him. "Eat, please. As soon as you've put some food into your skinny self, you can go back out there and annoy Dawn and the customers until the end of the day. I won't care." Oh, yes, Xander hated the holidays, but he loved Wesley and Rupert. It was a miracle they'd survived this time last year when Xander hadn't been around to feed them. "Please," he said again, picking up his plastic fork and digging into his own rice.

"All right," Wesley finally said, shaking his head. A smile crept onto his face, and he reached out to squeeze Xander's hand. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so difficult."

"It's okay, the holiday-crazy is going 'round," Xander replied around a mouthful. "I'm not looking forward to dragging Rupert away from his precious students."

"Bribe him with sex," Wesley laughed. "Sit down to wait as if you're a student, and sneak up on him."

Xander bit his lip, thinking. That could work. Wait in line, and when it was his turn-- "Want me to call you? Conference call, Rupert and I, in his office." He waggled his eyebrows and laughed when Wesley choked on his food. "I think you like that idea."

"Yes, I do, actually," Wesley answered, flushed. He shifted in his seat, and Xander could very well imagine what condition he was in; Wesley had a voyeuristic streak in him, and Rupert and Xander had a wonderful time catering to it. "I'll be due for a break by then, I imagine."

"Oh, you will," Xander said. "I'll be happy to remind you of it." He let his hand run across Wesley's trouser-clad thigh, shivering at the moan Wesley gave.

"No." Wesley stopped him just before Xander reached his crotch. "Not yet."

Xander pouted slightly. He'd been ready to drop to his knees just now; it wasn't often that he got to be alone with Wesley in his office, and he really wanted to make the most of it. Sometimes, he had the insane idea that Wesley didn't actually want him, but Rupert had spent hours trying to explain Wesley's quirks to Xander, who hadn't understood much, except for the part where it wasn't that Wesley didn't want him, more like the opposite. It still ended up with Xander kind of frustrated, and more than a little disappointed.

"Save your energy for Rupert," Wesley whispered into Xander's ear, kissing his jaw. He was obviously aware of Xander's frustration, because his words were soft, and Xander knew Wesley was trying to be soothing when he explained: "Building the anticipation is half the fun for me."

That was one of the things Xander didn't get at all. Delayed gratification was not for him, when he wanted, he wanted now. But Wesley liked to wait, build up the desire until it overwhelmed him. When Rupert had explained it, he'd said it was all about self-control, but Xander was proud to say that he, himself, had absolutely none of that. It had made Rupert laugh, and that was always a good thing, even when it was over something Xander didn't get.

"I guess I should hurry," he sighed, and then he grinned when another thought popped in his mind. He probably wouldn't ever fully understand Wesley, but the whole voyeur thing was kind of hot.

Maybe he wouldn't get to taste Wesley tonight, but chances were very good that Rupert would be a lot more easily swayed.

* * *

All Work and No Play II
Tags: buffyverse, giles/wesley/xander, softprincess, softprincess:dreamland

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