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FIC: All Work and No Play II *Dreamland AU* (Giles/Wes/Xander, FRM)

Title: All Work and No Play II
Series: Dreamland AU
Author: soft_princess
Website: Fly With Me
Date: July 5, 2007
Word count: 678

Pairing: Giles/Wesley/Xander
Rating: FRM
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Joss does.
slash_100 prompt: 081 – School
Summary There was no way Rupert would be coerced into eating and having sex if Xander skipped the line...

Notes: follows Red Zone by a few weeks.
Thanks to lostgirlslair for the beta.

Written for summer_of_giles. Part III is forthcoming.

All Work and No Play I

* * *

Xander climbed the stairs two by two, holding the paper bag firmly in his hand. Rupert's office was on the fifth floor, but the elevators were so slow and always crowded, that Xander had long since decided that stairs were a lot easier. That decision had been made a while back, when Xander had been just a student, and not Rupert's boyfriend; he'd had to climb those stairs more than his fair share even back then.

He had to slow down around the third floor, but still made it up without too much trouble. He stopped in the hallway to catch his breath, and then walked to Rupert's office. There were already about five students waiting to see him, and Xander sighed, sitting down on the floor with Rupert's dinner on his lap. He’d have to wait. There was no way Rupert would be coerced into eating and having sex if Xander skipped the line; he’d tried it once, a few weeks ago during midterms, and Rupert had just sent him back out to wait.

It took about half an hour, and then it was his turn. Three more students had appeared since he’d arrived, but Xander wasn’t about to let them get in; if he started that, it would never end, and he would end up staying in the hall all night. That would totally defeat the purpose of bringing Rupert his dinner, and forcing him to stop working for half an hour.

So he held up the paper bag and said, “It’s dinner time for professor Giles,” to the students waiting in line, while Rupert was seeing the last student before Xander. They all groaned. “Look, make a list of who’s here, put it on the door, and then you can go get something to eat, come back in half an hour, and you won’t lose your place, how’s that?”

Finally, the girl got out of the office, and Xander slipped in, closing the door behind him. Rupert sat hunched over a stack of papers, glasses low on his nose, and a pen in one hand.

“Yes, how may I hel—Xander!” Rupert smiled tiredly. “What a wonderful surprise. Is that food? I’m starving.”

Xander grinned and went around the desk to give Rupert a kiss. “Yeah, I figured. Same with Wesley. You guys work and work and work, and I’m the one making sure you eat.” Then he laughed. "Just so you know, I'm not shooting for the wife-of-the-year award. It's just in my personal interest to make sure you eat. Otherwise, you're too cranky for sex when you get home."

Rupert let out a short laugh, and tugged him closer. “We are so lucky to have you,” he whispered. He cupped Xander’s cheek, and pulled him down for a proper kiss. Their lips pressed together and Rupert's tongue moved across Xander’s lips slowly, coaxing them opened.

Xander let out a slow moan, and sat down on Rupert's lap. He trailed kisses on the side of Rupert's jaw, and bit softly into his earlobe. “I told Wesley I’d get you to relax,” he murmured, keeping his voice low and hoarse. “I said we’d get him on speaker phone so he could hear us.”

“Oh, bloody hell,” Rupert moaned. “I suspect he’ll enjoy that quite a bit.”

Xander licked the skin underneath Rupert's ear and then bit the lobe again, knowing just how sensitive Rupert's ears were. He was rewarded with a gasp. “Yeah, I think so too. Want to eat first, or should we get him on the phone now?”


“Told them to come back in half an hour,” Xander replied quickly.

“Good thinking.” Rupert sounded impressed. “Door?”

Xander stood up and grinned. “I’ll lock it while you dial.”

Rupert grabbed Xander’s hand, tugged him down for another quick and dirty kiss, tongue dipping inside Xander’s mouth teasingly, and then released him. “Wonderful,” Rupert said. He picked up the phone, and started dialing. Grinning, Xander turned to the door and made sure it was locked.

* * *

All Work and No Play III
Tags: buffyverse, giles/wesley/xander, softprincess, softprincess:dreamland

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